Career Placement

It is official! After studying under five of the world's master bakers, baking over 80 different breads and fulfilling all additional requirements, I graduated from The French Pastry School's L'Art de la Boulangerie bread baking program last week….Chef Jeffrey Hamelman from King Arthur Flour impressed upon me the value and importance of artisan bread baking in our society today. Chef Pierre Zimmermann's passion for baking and sense of humor were infectious. Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer, Dean of The French Pastry School, was very understanding of my dual role as full time student-by-day and full time manager of a business at all other times. He accommodated me and my unique situation beyond my expectations…. L'Art de la Boulangerie was difficult. But, over the past weeks I learned a lot about baking, eating better and ordering my life in a more healthy way. In the following weeks I will attempt to incorporate what I have learned into my everyday life and work. I aspire to be a good baker, but more than anything I want to be a better – healthier – person.

Adam Snow | L’Art de la Boulangerie 2013 | Manager of Beans and Bagels | August 2013

Setting our students up for a successful career is the driving force behind all that we do. Within The French Pastry School Career Services, we distinguish between Career Education and Career Placement.

We define Career Education as teaching students how to effectively network, find their own employment, present themselves professionally online, and create and maintain their own professional Résumés. We require all students to actively engage in the Career Education piece of our curriculum as we believe the experience will serve them well in many areas throughout their lives.

We define Career Placement as seeking multiple positions for each of our graduates and forming corporate alliances to make as many connections as possible for our students to take advantage of.   

While we work diligently to encounter and communicate every possible job opportunity in the pastry industry to ensure our students can find multiple employment options, the ultimate responsibility of finding and securing a job falls on the student.

We strongly encourage all our students to enter the market with a paying position as early as possible, but we recognize that this is a service which may or may not be taken advantage of by our students.  

Career Education assistance begins as soon as you submit your résumé with your application.  With this as a starting point, we help you edit and tailor it to the food industry throughout your time here as a student.  

In the classroom, our Chef Instructors, who come from successful pastry careers themselves, provide insight and real life anecdotes of their experiences in the kitchen.

Staging is the traditional practice of volunteering in a kitchen for one shift (or more) to gain experience.  It is also an ideal way to find out, first hand, which type of food business and position is ideal for you.  

Staging can be a great résumé builder and a way to open doors to future employment.  We strongly encourage all of our students to participate in as many stages as they are able to throughout their time at The French Pastry School.

During the program, you are provided with opportunities to form a variety of contacts in Chicago and across the nation.  We help you to make connections, establish relationships with chefs and businesses, and encourage you to take advantage of the school’s extensive network .   These relationships last a lifetime and The French Pastry School will remain a resource for the rest of your career.

Potential employers from all over the United States, as well as elsewhere in the world, contact us every day seeking to hire our alumni.

Many alumni have opened their own businesses in all of these areas, and continue to hire new graduates of The French Pastry School’s full-time programs.    There are many career directions that our graduates have taken: see some examples of the jobs our graduates often seek below:

Bread Baker
Bakery Manager
Retail Bakery Owner
Wholesale Bakery Owner
Retail & Wholesale Bakery Owner

Bake Shop Supervisor
Bake Shop Manager
Overnight Baker
Executive Baker
Regional/Corporate Executive Baker

Bread Baker

Bread Baker

Baked Goods Research & Development (R&D) Assistant 
Baked Goods R&D Technician
Baked Goods R&D Manager
Director of Baked Goods R&D
Director of Baked Goods Product Development/Innovation
Vice President, Baked Goods Innovation

Consultant (Artisan Bread Bakery Menus, Bread Bakery Operations Consultant, Hotel Bread Bakery Menu & Operations Consultant)
Baking Innovation Consultant (Manufacturing, Wholesale, or Foodservice)
Artisan Baking Educator 
Food Writing (Blogger/Author, Food Stylist Freelance) 
Sales (Bread Baking Equipment, Bread Baking Supplies, Bread Baking Commodities)


Hundreds more career paths based on individual preference, education, and desire for success!